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Poll shows that European inhabitans belief Israel is the worst problem toworld peace

not Israel but Isreali government is seen as a threat so there is no antisemitc thoughts found here even if they want you make belief.

Normally I try to avoid getting in to the debate of Israel and the Palestina Terretorries but an article in the guardian did sent a shudder down my spines. I have been to Israel for a very short time in the year 2001. This was the year where the current intifada started - this was the year with the worst attacks on Israel by Palestinien fighters - boys and girls. I went to Israel because I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to talk to the people on both sides I wanted to see the conditions in where people live I wanted to get a scope beyond newspaper publications and biased opinions. I am in no way a nazi nor am I anti-semitic in the sense that I dam all jews. I think its not about religion and not about right or left wing opinion. The Israelis have their nose high up in the air control every river in the region control all good land for crop harvesting control most connections to the mediterrian sea. the people of palestina do have close to nothing they are scattered across the globe, they live in terrible conditions in dry rocky dessert have to ask for each drop of water. After beeing to jerusalem I got the notion that its both sides fault to this crisis, but looking around longer and longer I see more and more that the state of israel is doing something that looks like a bad joke when seen in a historic context: they try to get rid of the people in palestina. they would like to wipe them out. They have enough reason to be arrogant in this regard because they have 100% unquestioned support from the US who would do everything to "protect" Israel. So the state of Israel with Mr. Sharon at its head tries to make the world believe that they are an endangered species and the sentence "look at history" seems to be enough to justify just about anything. Killing lots and lots of people without reason. The world media is not paying lot of attention to the people in palestina, only showing its leaders and its "suspected terrorists". I have seen the people of palestina and they are like you and me - normal people who want to have a normal life. They are very very well educated you can have conservation with them in english if you like and they have philosophical thoughts about things some of my "western friends" would not even dare to think about. The girls are beautiful and they can smile. So what about the crazy suicide bombers posing a threat to the Israely state? Well these are normal people who have lost half their family or homes or land or water and simply see no future with israel taking away more and more land from them. They have no other way to fight then putting bombs on themself and blow themself up. If you are on the crossroad of living and dying I am sure it is not an easy choice and they ought to have a good reason for going into death and the Islam is just a protection for their souls rather then the cause of their action. Also I never got the feeling that the young palestinensians want to see the state of Israel fail. They just want FREEDOM and PROTECTION inside the boundaries of their own land. Now to the other side. What about the Israeli population. I meet some young Israeli people. And they are like us. They want to go out have a good party and an easy life. They hate war and they hate weapons. The are forced to go to the army though and there is no way around it when you are a member of the Israeli State. They train for 2 years with weapons and even those who did not choose to go to the army and are in their 2 years of mandatory service will need to take part of raids into the Palestinension Territories and kill unarmed people. So they are trained to kill. Now this is all not the cause. The cause is much more problematic as in Israel are some very very right wing religious leaders. Its that religious group that does not even recognize the staate of Israel before their profet comes down the olive oil mountain. These are the people with the most influence in this country. These are the militant settlers wanting more and more land for themself and those are the people that do nothing all day then read their religious book and debate about it all day in and out.

Now back to the poll. The Israeli government is in no way shy to make the world remember what the world has done to them in the past. They make connections to events in the past that are in no way related. The poll just showed that people do think that the way the current government of Israel is handling the situation is getting the whole world into trouble and I know few people around me who would disagree. They are in the middle of a oiltank and the wrong spark and the whole region explodes into a world war. Israel has Nuclear Weapons - the only country in the region that has. Israel has not signed a nuclear weapon treaty and I doubt they would hesitate a second to use them if they see Iran or Syria is supporting the palestinians with military. So by saying that Israel with its current government is a threat to world peace is a opinion that in no way antisemitic it is just fear among people who live on territories that have seen the worst war in history. We the people of the European Union oppose miltary actions and our leaders belief that there are peacefull way out of crises the world is in. Neither the war in Iraq nor the war against the Palestinians is justified. And if they would have asked me I would have put the US government and the Israeli government on the top of the list. And I say government NOT people. So I am not antisemitic or antiamerican I just disagree with the way the leaders in those countries handle their vision of a world living in peace.
Calming down resetting the borders of Israel to those that have been set and acknowledged in VARIOUS treaties (Oslo) and opening ALL boarders in the region would be the ONLY option to get the peace in the region back. Every bullet fired will multiply and multiply and multiply and at one point it will be to late and millions of people could die. I doubt that this time Israel will do as good as in the 60s even when they use the bomb......
What really makes me shudder is that Israel calls for history and now attacks the European Union. This is a VERY dangerous game and if that Stupid White Man in the white house in the land far away is getting a reelection we might start to see a strong diversification of Israel and the US toward the EU and the EU will find new allies in the Near, Middle and Far East. A third world war is not out of question and for sure it might be the last war.

I urge EVERY ONE to see the dangers of this. Make your voice heard. Put articles in your local newspaper in your Blog wiki in your VJ sets. It goes beyond you and me it is the future of our society of our planet and its time to stop thinking for themself its the time to speak up before it might be to late. From today on I do have fear again - fear that this all gets totally out of hand. This is HIGHLY dangerous. Read the article at the guardian to get the full scope:


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