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Deep from the proto.lab - Optimizing OSX 10.3 for RealTimePerformance

or how to make the BigBlackKitty run

Deep from inside our green laboratory comes this first release of dirty knowledge. It puts some fire under the BigBlackKitty released by Apple Computer Inc. two weeks ago. It is intended for those who crave for the last bit of performance and can live without gadgets and juices of this OS. It disables all services leaving only those running that are important to Realtime AudioVisual Performance (and number crunching). In preliminary tests I have seen an performance increase up to 20%. Talk about modern multithreaded operating system :/ The startup time is under 5 seconds after the kernel loaded. And before you complain NO I WILL NOT CHANGE THE FONT of the document. IT IS THERE ON PURPOSE explained in chapter one line one! Please submit it any additional setups. Any information regarding your (not)running systems is really needed as there was no outside lab testing and I would like to add a list of supported systems. I hope you enjoy this document.


Update: I forgot to put the appendixes in. If you already downloaded please get version 2 as there are some additions to security and the RamDisk that might be of interest to you.


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I will try
If you are more info later,
Can you send me...?

hey i have some questions regarding your document
could you email me back plz ? thnx

if you need info or have questions just gimme a mail plz.

Hi Falk,

Do you have Optimzing Info on 10.2, I'm doing audio as well video and 10.3 sucks for audio. The latency is too long the apps run much better in 10.2. I tried your info but it disables my system really quick in 10.2.



also, something to add in the "easy tweaks" is, turn off auto-hiding of the dock. not only does this effect CPU but also RAM.

nice work!

I like the font. It's kinda cool.

: I like the font. It's kinda cool.

It gives me a headache. I'm more likely to skip parts of the document since it's very difficult to read.

jesus christ, it's hard to read man. are u fucking stupid

loved the font thnx for the help U gueu U :))<
at service

guru that waz haha

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