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The missing piece in the 1984 ad

1984_2004kl.png Well when I was watching the 1984 ad again and arguing over quality with Tim who showed me an (worse looking but better resultion) Cinepack version I noticed a difference. Its so small and you almost not see it. The version that is featured on apples website is a different version then the original one.
Look at the attached picture and try to find out what the difference of the "2004 might be 1984" version is compared to the "1984 is not like 1984" version... :)

2004 might be like 1984 <-------> 1984 is not like 1984

just one note: the integration is well done wether you like that they mugged around with the original or not


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Is this true? If it is, it looks like Apple replaced it with the original, since the current version doesn't have it.

Yes its true look here. I have not made it up. Those two shots are both actual screencaptures. look closely its not so visible right away.


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