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Arte brings us a documentary about the new forms of VideoMixing

Arte Television – known for its high class documentaries expecially of the art sector – will air a documentary about where the VJ scene will go onward into the future. There are interviews with multiple groups of VJs all going a different route. They do have an interview and a little introduction to narrative VJing and me myself at the forefront of this part. They did very indepth research into the whole VJing concept and from my perspective I think this might give us the "art" label at last... Other Vjs in the program are: visomat, jutojo und cinemix. props to Uta Goertzen to take the time and try to fully understand the VJ szene in its complexity of today).
The program will air on the German-French joint venture Arte as part of the monthly "Kurzschluss" on Wednesday November 3rd around 12:00 pm (0:00).


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