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America killed more Iraqis then Saddam

The number one reason for going to war for Mr. Bush and his clan has been the toppling of Saddam Hussein - after they had to admit that their were no weapons of mass destruction. This case has been build to not admit to the fact that the war was about oil more then anything else. Now two years down the road it becomes more and more clear that the Americans are doing more harm in Iraq then Saddam did throughout all the years of his ruling. The World Tribunal on Iraq and 200 non goverment organisations convict the US government of war crimes far greater then anything one ruler alone could have done. Meanwhile the voices comparing Iraq to Vietnam are getting louder each month. Now even the inside Washington right wing hawk Richard Perle admits that the war was/is illegal under international law (just to say later that the laws should be adjusted to modern time needs). All this under a still escaliting violence that gets more and more sofisticated - not only against Americans but more and more against the Iraqi government who seems unable to act on the multiple hotspots opening up all around the country - at least it seems the US is backing away from the "Falludscha option" of leveling complete cities to root out insurgents - as this seemed to be uneffective - the city is still not save even there is not a house undamaged and the area around it became much more unsave and still sees scores of american dead even after one year bombardment by the american. Overall - looking at the statistics it looks like the US is slowly loosing its grip on the situation as it tries not to get more casulties and bucks down in their bases. The "new Iraqi Army" seems still like a joke and other then they posing better targets for the insurgents then the Americans it seems they have not helped out in a single part of the country to make it safer. Overall very bleak situation with less and less ways out.


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