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Digital Tattoo goes mainstream

2-21-07-digital_tattoo.jpgAh its just strange when you think of a sci-fi idea that you project about 15 years into the future and then all of the sudden researches take on the idea (or comes up with it themself) just 2 years later. So it happened to my Kalkin Revelation "tattoo interface". At least this canīt be patented in a general sense as I hold the prior art :)

the "real" scientific project here:


The movie of mine here:
http://www.prototypen.com/blog/falk/archive/movies/P_1_1_1_IF_playinsertH264.m4v (save as then open with mp4 player of choice)

Update: Oh the collective minds of the internet there is also a novel which employs the idea called the Commenwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton published around the same time as I had the idea first (about 3 years ago) - no I have not read this back then - maybe humanity has a collective mind after all ;)


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