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This was a great experience! As a mogreens blog reader you should know that we ( spend our last 4 days organizing and running the avit-> c23 vj conference. I want to give a big THANK YOU to all participants, i dont want to start with telling every single name because there were soo many poeple involved that i would forget at least someone. But i want to tell you the ones that supported me the most. There were 5 guys who i want to thank for doing a freakin amazing job: Grisu, fRED, flux, cyper aka carschti and fALK! special thanks also to the visomat guys who ran the small and well working m12 club, there is a musican who earns a BIG SORRY - I really want to apologize - because he set up his final scratch of no earthly use but still stayed friendly and there were no worrys. Sorry Manuel Lamora from symbiosys! I met a lot of nice people I hope i will see them soon again to work together. By the time find my usb cable in one of the 20 cases i still have in my van i will upload some pictures. until then you can find pictures right here so. . In a couple of days i will try to create a new blog entry with more details about the avit->c23 until then i wish all of you a happy new year and whatever happens: DONT PANIC! ;-)

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