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rP23_Photo.jpgSommerartige Atmosphäre. Mit zusammengekniffenen Augen sitzen wir barfuß vor unseren Aufnahmemodulen, haben uns zahlreicher Netlabels mit Dub-Veröffentlichungen bedient und liefern dieses Dubmixtape auch als B-Seite ohne unsere Stimmen. Wenn Sun-Ra mit Algen spielt gibt es Enrgie aus der Waschmaschiene. Hauptthema Free Music kurz und knackig am Geschehen der letzte Woche dargelegt.

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Geiles 1bit multittouch interface zum music machen
Ehrensenf Internet TV
Sun Rah - Eine Dokumentation

Veranstaltungen Demnächst

Veranstaltungen demnächst: 10. Mai Made To Play mit Made to Play Compilation Tour

B - Seite
trackliste freedubtape

Titel Interpret Album Label

1. Dublin Monsieur Moutarde La Dérive des Condiments french-dub-released.org/
2. No compromise Zaruts Delicieusement toxique french-dub-released.org/
3. Burn Mi Dub Roots Ista Posse Music For Grassbar II fresh-poulp.net/releases/FPR019.htm
4. [did003]_dimomib_dubplate_dubplate dimomib deepindub.org/did003-dimomib-dubplate-lp/
5. Dub Culture Echo_TM Dub Culture [ABN006] afterbeat.org/
6. a train to roots (2:20pm) peak so quiet ep aquietbump.com
7. Chicogordodelgado Chuzausen [RFR012] Chuzausen - Happy Farm EP rumpfunk-records.de
8. Happy Farm Chuzausen [RFR012] Chuzausen - Happy Farm EP rumpfunk-records.de
9. Roots Rockers Dub Roots Ista Posse Music For Grassbar II fresh-poulp.net/releases/FPR019.htm
10. Tibetan monks playing fuzzy bass tablas The Orientalist 1000 Sounds Lotus jamendo.com/en/album/3306
11 9/8 FitiSound Fiti EP jamendo.com/en/album/18443
12 Resident Evil Laocoon Psydubelic jamendo.com/en/album/7280

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hey you guys look really cool and happy, have you been together long?
I really support the whole gay movement and am really happy to see inspirational artists working together.
I have an uncle who lives in berlin and he says that you guys are far more relaxed about the whole gay culture over there.
thanks for brightening up my day!
Good luck, love Katy.

hello katy,
well we both do have a girlfriend ;-) but we dont care if poeple are gay or not, berlin is very relaxed. the incumbent mayor of berlin is gay, but if you go to the countrysite you see the same problems like everywhere else. so thanks for listining! did you understand something? because of german language.

Grüße euch, danke fürs Supporten unserer Tracks!
Coole Sache!
Schöne woche noch...

Gruß das RFR-TEAM

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